How Long is Dying Light 2? A Comprehensive Guide


Dying Light 2 is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and for good reason. The game promises to offer an immersive experience that blends survival horror with open-world gameplay and player choice. As players eagerly await the release of Dying Light 2, many are curious about how long it will take to complete the game. After all, knowing the game’s length can help players plan their gaming schedule and set expectations for what they can achieve in the game. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the main storyline completion time, number of side quests, and total hours of gameplay to give you an idea of how long it takes to complete Dying Light 2.


Dying Light 2 is a highly anticipated survival horror game that promises to deliver an unforgettable gameplay experience. The game was initially announced in 2018 and has since been in development by Techland, known for its critically acclaimed games like Dead Island and the first Dying Light.

The release date for Dying Light 2 has been delayed several times, leaving fans eagerly waiting for any news on when the game will finally launch. While we do not have a fixed release date yet, the developers have confirmed that the game will be released sometime in 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The gameplay of Dying Light 2 is set in an open-world environment where players can choose their own paths and make decisions that impact the storyline. The game features a day-night cycle where players must scavenge for supplies during the day and fight off hordes of zombies at night.

With the release of the gameplay trailer, fans were excited to see the new parkour moves and weapons available to the player. Additionally, the game’s unique narrative structure allows for multiple player choices that affect the outcome of the game’s story.

In conclusion, Dying Light 2’s release date may have been delayed, but the anticipation for its release is still high. With promising gameplay mechanics, an engaging storyline, and player-choice driven gameplay, this game is sure to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

What is Dying Light 2?

Gameplay and Features

Gameplay and Features

Dying Light 2 is a highly anticipated survival horror game that promises to take players on an immersive journey through a post-apocalyptic world. One of the key features that makes this game stand out is the emphasis on player choices.

Players are given a range of decisions to make throughout the game, and each choice has real consequences that affect the overall storyline. This means that the player’s actions have a direct impact on how the game unfolds, making it a truly unique and personalized experience.

In addition to the player choices, Dying Light 2 boasts an open-world environment that allows players to explore a vast and dynamic landscape. The game features a day-night cycle that has a significant impact on gameplay. During the day, players can scavenge for supplies and complete quests relatively safely. However, as the sun sets, the world becomes more dangerous, with hordes of zombies roaming the streets.

To survive, players must use strategy and resourcefulness to navigate the hazards of the night. They can also team up with other players or NPCs to tackle challenges together, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

Overall, Dying Light 2 offers a compelling combination of player choice, open-world exploration, and strategic gameplay. It’s sure to provide hours of entertainment and keep players engaged from start to finish.

Release Date and Platforms

Release Date and Platforms

Dying Light 2 is set to release on December 7, 2021, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The game will also be available on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Players can enjoy Dying Light 2 on both last-gen and current-gen consoles. However, those playing on next-gen consoles will experience the game in higher resolution and faster frame rates. The game will also have shorter loading times and improved graphics on these consoles.

It is worth noting that the game’s release date has been postponed several times, which has caused concerns among fans. Techland, the game’s developer, has stated that they needed extra time to ensure that the game meets their high standards of quality.

With Dying Light 2 releasing on multiple platforms, players can choose the one that suits them best. The PC version, for instance, offers more customization options and better overall performance than console versions. Additionally, PC gamers can take advantage of mods created by the community to enhance their gameplay experience.

In conclusion, players can look forward to experiencing Dying Light 2 on a variety of platforms, each with its own advantages. Whether you prefer the convenience of a console or the flexibility of a PC, there are plenty of options available to suit your preferences.

How Long Will it Take to Complete Dying Light 2?

Main Story

The main story of Dying Light 2 is the backbone of the game, and it sets the tone for the entire experience. Players take on the role of a character named Aiden Caldwell, who must navigate through a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger, chaos, and infected creatures.

Completing the main story of Dying Light 2 takes an average of 20-30 hours, depending on the player’s skill level and chosen difficulty setting. The game offers four levels of difficulty: Story Mode, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. Story mode is designed for players who want to focus on the narrative and exploration aspects of the game without worrying about combat or survival.

On the other hand, Hard and Nightmare modes are for those looking for an intense challenge. In these modes, enemies are more aggressive and deal more damage, making it harder for players to progress through the story. However, completing the main storyline in these higher difficulties can be very rewarding and satisfying.

It is worth noting that completion time can vary depending on how much time players spend exploring the open-world environment, engaging in side quests, and crafting weapons or items. Exploring the map and discovering hidden secrets can be a great way to extend the total playtime of Dying Light 2.

In conclusion, Dying Light 2’s main storyline takes an average of 20-30 hours to complete, depending on the player’s chosen difficulty level. Completing the main story is a thrilling experience that will keep players engaged throughout their playthrough. With the added exploration and crafting elements, players can easily spend many hours lost in the immersive world of Dying Light 2.

Side Quests

Side Quests

Dying Light 2 is not just about completing the main storyline. The game also includes a number of side quests that are scattered throughout the open-world map. These quests offer players an opportunity to explore the game’s world, interact with non-playable characters (NPCs), and earn rewards.

Number of Quests

The exact number of side quests in Dying Light 2 has not yet been revealed, but it is expected to be higher than its predecessor, Dying Light. In the first game, there were over 100 side quests, so players can expect a similar or even larger number in the sequel.


Completing side quests in Dying Light 2 comes with its own set of rewards. These can range from experience points (XP) to new weapons, crafting materials, and even unique outfits. Completing side quests may also unlock new areas of the map, allowing players to explore further and discover hidden secrets.

Total Playtime

The total playtime for the side quests in Dying Light 2 will depend on how many quests the player chooses to complete. Each quest can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to complete, depending on the complexity and difficulty of the task. However, if a player decides to complete all the side quests in addition to the main storyline, they can expect to spend upwards of 50 hours in the game.

Overall, the side quests in Dying Light 2 provide a great way for players to immerse themselves in the game’s world and gain additional rewards while doing so. Whether you want to explore every nook and cranny or simply want some extra loot, the side quests have something for everyone.

Game Length

When it comes to a game like Dying Light 2, players want to know how long they can expect to spend in the post-apocalyptic world. While the length of any game can vary depending on the individual player, different factors play a significant role in determining the game’s total hours of gameplay. Here’s what you can expect from Dying Light 2 regarding game length and replayability:

Total Hours of Gameplay
The main storyline of Dying Light 2 is expected to take around 20-30 hours to complete, but keep in mind that this time can increase or decrease depending on the player’s style of gameplay. Players who choose to focus solely on the main missions may finish the game faster than those who decide to explore the vast open-world and complete side missions and activities.

In addition, Dying Light 2 features a day-night cycle that impacts the environment and gameplay mechanics. During the day, players can scavenge for resources, craft items, and interact with non-playable characters (NPCs), while at night, the zombies become more aggressive and challenging to avoid. This cycle adds an additional layer of depth to the gameplay and affects the total hours of gameplay.

Dying Light 2 offers several reasons for players to revisit the game after completing it. The game has multiple endings based on the decisions players make throughout the game, giving them a reason to play through the story again to see different outcomes. Additionally, challenges and achievements offer players new objectives to complete, adding more value to the game and increasing its replayability.

Overall, while the main storyline of Dying Light 2 may not be incredibly lengthy, the game’s open-world environment, day-night cycle, and replayability give players plenty of reasons to continue playing.



After taking a deep dive into the gameplay and features of Dying Light 2, as well as its expected game length, we can confidently say that this survival horror game is sure to impress fans of the genre.

Overall, the total hours of gameplay are estimated to be around 20-30 hours, with the completion time of the main storyline alone being around 15 hours. This timeframe may vary depending on the player’s choices and the level of difficulty they choose to play on.

Dying Light 2 also boasts an impressive number of side quests that will keep players engaged for many more hours. With rewards and unique storylines attached to each quest, players will find themselves wanting to complete all of them.

Our recommendation is that fans of survival horror games should definitely give Dying Light 2 a try. The open-world environment and day-night cycle add a new level of excitement to the gameplay, while the ability to make choices that affect the outcome of the game makes it feel like a truly personalized experience.

In conclusion, although there has been a delay in the release date, it’s certain that Dying Light 2 is worth the wait. We’re excited to see what Techland has in store for us with this highly anticipated game.
In conclusion, Dying Light 2 is shaping up to be a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. With an engaging storyline that allows players to make their own choices, an open-world environment with a dynamic day-night cycle, and a variety of side quests to explore, there’s no shortage of content to keep players engaged. While the exact length of the game depends on the player’s individual playstyle, completing the main storyline alone can take anywhere from 20 to 30 hours. Overall, Dying Light 2 promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for fans of survival horror games and action RPGs alike. Whether you’re a newcomer to the series or a die-hard fan, this is definitely a game to watch out for.

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